As a skin professional it is my duty to inform you of just some of the top benefits of a regular facial.

Its nice to treat yourself to a facial but not only are they an occasional pampering treat, they are HUGELY beneficial to your skin!

1. Facials increase blood circulation under your skin which means your skin is at its best to facilitate renewing cells.

2. During a facial your skin is exfoliated and cleansed at a deeper level than it can be achieved at home. Exfoliation leaves skin smooth and unclogs pores while Cleansing helps you maintain a clear and glowing complexion to name but a few of there many benefits.

3. Facials slow the aging process. Fine lines appear smoother and collagen production is promoted which in turn prevents wrinkles, sagging and aging… need I say more!

4. A good facial will help even skin tone and lighten those pesky dark spots.

5. And finally Facials are a great way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life!

Beautiful glowing skin & relaxation… YES PLEASE!!

At the Annex beauty Clinic we have a great selection of Guinot Facials. Pop in and consult with one of our skin care professionals on what Facial will best suit your skin type.