We are delighted to welcome Dr. Tong for our Anti-Wrinkle clinic at The Annex

Dr. Tong specialising in non-surgical aesthetic procedures with natural results. Whether you want to enhance your lips, smooth out fine lines or combat volume loss, Dr. Tong believes in providing outstanding service for all of his patients in a discrete and professional environment

Dr. Tong offers a free consultation to discuss your needs.  Our experienced doctor will work with you to decide which treatments are right for you to achieve your aesthetic beauty aspirations.  Dr. Tong specialises in pain-free, natural-looking solutions to help you fight back the signs of ageing, restore a smooth appearance and a healthy glow.

We strive for the highest standards, and provide the most effective and safe treatments. A belief that is reflected in our treatments and products.  Every client matters.


Before carrying out treatments, Dr Tong sees each client for a thorough assessment and consultation. All new clients will receive an individual, private consultation prior to any treatment. This ensures that each treatment is working towards a tailored, personalised treatment plan.

Dr. Tong values his patients and their safety.  Detailed assessments and consultations are carried out in person before deciding on a bespoke treatment plan.  No two indications are the same, so no two patients are treated the same.

Consultations are FREE so why not come in a discuss your concerns with Dr. Tong. Call us on 045865732 to book.


A little about Dr. Tong:

Dr Tong’s demand for excellence means he ensures that his patients receive the best care possible.  With 15 years of medical experience, Dr Tong practices as a Senior Emergency Physician in Ireland, having qualified from St. Georges Hospital Medical School, London in 2004 and worked in London and Dublin as an Emergency Doctor.  He has treated over 50,000 acute patients in his career with minor, serious and life threatening complaints.  

Having trained at the renowned Skin Viva Aesthetics Training School in Manchester, UK, it is his vision to serve his local community with advanced and professional medical aesthetics.  He is fully insured and registered to practice as a Medical Doctor with the Irish Medical Council.

Medical Aesthetics has come a long way.  Many stigmas and misconceptions about products and outcomes still needs further discussion. With the right attitude and professionalism, Dr Tong has the skills and understanding to address the issues surrounding aesthetics in Ireland. 

Dr Tong has sought techniques and technologies from across the world that are safe, effective and target different aspects of the same condition.  With Enhanced, you will be guaranteed a professional service provided by a qualified doctor.  


Any questions please give the salon a Call on 045865732 and we will be happy to help.



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